reMarkable.. is it?

So, the device has (finally) arrived, I must say that the last few weeks have tested my patience thoroughly.. 🙂

I’ve just started testing it out, showing it off and getting to know the device, but so far it looks really nice; it’s very responsive as expected, has a nice look and feel and is well integrated with cloud storage, so my notes and documents are always available. I expect to be writing more about it as I gain experience with the device..



As we speak, I’m one of the many people eagerly awaiting the arrival of my pre-ordered reMarkable “paper tablet”.. I’ve read all the reviews and I’ve been following the development of this device for quite some time now. It promises to deliver a paper-like experience in a tablet, and should replace all my “notebooks, sketchbooks and printouts”…

Here is a photo from the reMarkable website:


I’ll be sharing my experiences with it here on the blog, so come back for more..