Norwegian river

A blog about Norway might not sound very exciting, and proof to the contrary remains to be seen. We have a few reasons to blog about Norway, in English:

Because we want to reach a wider audience! Speak to the vast English speaking blogosphere. (Guess if we could speak Chinese, we’d rather do that..:)

To see if anything that goes on up here is of any interest to anyone but us. I mean, if we posted in Norwegian, that would limit us to the people who already heard about it through mainstream media, or don’t give a hoot because it’s happening in norway!

To brush up on the English! If you read something here that you find utterly uninteresting but you see errors in writing, we’d love to get feedback on things such as grammar and sentences! If we one day decide on learning spanish, we might start a Spanish blog, can you imagine the first posts?
“Me llamo Thomas. ¿Qué número de zapato usa? Hasta la vista, baby!”
Stay tuned for that, actually.. 🙂

To clear up some old misunderstandings, such as the one mentioned in the tagline. We’re here:

..and don’t let anyone tell you different.