Some things I learned these past few days…

A day without learning is a wasted day.

Don’t know who said that, but I live by this rule, and so I try to learn something valuable* every day:


  • You *can* serve confirmation dinner in your living room for 26 people. The only challenge is for the servant whose supposed to present the large tray of steak to each guest, when the guests are sitting shoulder-to-shoulder. 🙂
  • When your ASP.NET button click isn’t doing anything, the first place to look ISN’T the SQL query that’s supposed to run. Check that the button is hooked up with the onClick-event containing the code. That will save you a lot of wasted debugging-cycles. n00b. 🙂
  • If you are working on a virtual lab and have 20 minutes remaining of your alotted time, but only 10 minutes before your wife has dinner ready, she will “make it so” that the virtual lab crashes. Don’t ask me how.
  • If you plan for a nice day out, bicycling with your family, you will only get so far before you have a flat tire.
  • Your winner’s luck is thoroughly spent once you land any prize – no matter what it’s worth. So if you win a stack of bananas, that will count as much as winning the lottery. You can’t have both.

So these are some things that I learned. Your comments confirming or denying these claims are welcome.



* Valuable TO ME, that is.. 🙂


Some ramblings…

I’ve begun digging into the Sitepoint book “Build Your Own ASP.NET 3.5 Web Site” as part of my effort to become a software developer.

I couldn’t eradicate the family computer, and I couldn’t burden it with more “stuff”, overloaded as it already is, so I decided to do a dual boot instead.

I installed the Win 7 public beta, on a separate drive, somehow anticipating that the dual boot setup would magically materialize itself, but when that didn’t happen, I had a computer that would only boot into Win 7. I had better fix that, and a deep-dive into the new BCDEdit that came with Vista was in order. I just might do a separate blog post on that.

Anyhow, I’m up and running, plugging away at the lessons and practices on my late-night sparetime.. The book is looking good, and while I haven’t really gotten past the basics yet, I like the authors’ writing style and the examples are easy to follow. For now.

So, some things I’ve learned this week:

  • It’s entirely possible to dream up a solution for a problem, only to wake up with nothing but a vague feeling about what it was..
  • When planning for a roadtrip, you can use Google Maps, driving directions – not only will it give you directions, but actual photos of the major intersections! 🙂
  • My ipod touch 8gb easily holds 24 hours of music, 7,5 hours of movies, 500 photos and 40 applications.. with room to spare..
  • Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008 has exactly the same amount of letters as Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager 2007. I suspect they have a plan.
  • The movie “Things we Lost in the Fire” featuring Halle Berry and Benicio Del Toro, the EU DVD version, which I purchased last month, has copy-protection on it so I’m unable to rip it into my collection. They think they have a plan.
  • Earth Hour will have the entire human population turn out their light for an hour tomorrow.

So that will have to do…