Windows Live Mesh on the iPhone!

Microsofts endeavour, or should I say one of Microsofts endeavours, into cloud computing is (currently :)) called Live Mesh. At first glance it might seem that all you can do with this thing is synchronize data across your computers, but there is more to come and it touted by some to be the next-generation application platform, supporting both Windows PC’s, Mac’s and mobile devices.


I’ve been using Live Mesh for a while now, synchronizing select folders between work and home computers. I’m able to keep documents I’m working on, code projects and scripts handy, so no matter if I’m at work or at home, I can find the latest version ready for me. Between two home computers we use it to synchronize our GSAK database, to make sure we’re always carrying the latest geocaches with us on the netbook. 🙂

So while I was really searching for an iphone app that would allow me to download documents to the iphone as a flash drive, index the contents and make them searchable (btw: I had no luck with that), I stumbled upon this article:

Windows Live Mesh on the iPhone!

I hadn’t realized yet that mobile devices were supported, but they are, through the Live Mesh Mobile web interface. And what’s more, you don’t need a Windows Mobile device to use it, it works just as well with an iphone or (I’d imagine) any other device. Granted, your mobile device must be able to read the document type.. So far I’ve been able to read Office documents, text-files and PDF’s with the iphone and they are all good.

Now, the *true* mobile support (as in mobile device installed application) isn’t out yet, and likely will be Windows Mobile only. At least in the first iteration. I do expect Mesh-enable apps to surface on the iphone App Store, it just makes sense..

And one more thing.. You can actually remote control your online Mesh members! Now, I don’t have a Mac, but I have tried remote controlling both Vista and Windows Server 2008 Mesh members, and it works well enough that you can get out of a tight spot or remote support someone else. I was toying with the idea of installing Mesh on my Windows Home Server as well, as I have never been able to get that remote control support working.

I’m very excited about Live Mesh, and now that I can have documents available both on my Windows Mobile phone and my ipod touch, it’s shaping up real good!

But, keep in mind – this is just a Tech Preview beta, and things could change dramatically! Don’t put anything valuable up there, something COULD break!