The extended Easter..

Extending Easter by a week was an excellent idea, visiting the US was even better! Highlights have been (in no particular order) : driving a car on Manhattan at night in rain and fog, guided tour of a steel mill in Ohio, visiting Amish country, The Great Wolf Lodge in PA, the great warmth and hospitality of our american relatives and a fun Easter Egg Hunt! Now I’m back at the office, and I just feel a lot lighter than last time I was here. I’m probably not, though. 😉

I’ve joined up with the Linkedin .NET Users Group  (formally the “C# Professionals Group”) and they look set to make a real difference in the .net developers community. Being over 20,000 members strong already I think they really can.

Focus will be as before, on ASP.NET and learning all the facets of greatly scalable web-architecture. I’m kinda struggling to find the time outside office hours to get real deep into it, but somehow I’ll make it happen.

I’m getting into Microsofts Hyper-V working on a case for a client, and sorting out all the pros and cons vs the competition is proving a challenge, even if I have the local Microsoft experts only a call away.. 🙂 For instance – will Server Core support failover clustering with Hyper-V? Will the free Hyper-V Server support failover clustering? How do you convert existing physical servers to virtual ones, does it require System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM)? Somehow I’ll straighten it out, and if all goes well, we’ll bag this case as the first “win” over VMWare VI3.. Fingers crossed..