Google to launch Google Chrome OS

googlechromelogoThere probably was something to those rumours after all, then.. The Goole OS is becomaing a reality, and it will be good.. for Netbooks.

Read the pressrelease here

‘Cause, see, I don’t believe for one second that this is going to be any kind of challenger to Windows, as many of the comments to this blogpost (more than!) suggest.

We can probably agree that Windows XP and to a certain extent also 7 is wrong for Netbooks. But then there are those who actually do real work on their computer and require a real, mature OS, running on a real, powerful  computer. For this group, probably in the 98 percentile of computers world wide, a tiny linux-gadget that boots straight into a browser in three seconds isn’t going to get them very far.

Rather, the Google Chrome OS will be a challenger for other Linux-distros aiming at the same market, namely small, light-weight devices such as the CrunchPad and others.. Then there is the DOJ that surely will sharpen their pencils in light of another major player bundling the OS and browser, just as they have been investigating Microsoft. And, surely Microsoft will be lobbying the DOJ to pursue a case.

I will probably take a look at what Google Chrome OS can do for my wife’s netbook, and perhaps it can replace Windows 7 there.

But if you need something more than being able to surf the net and read email, all you need to do is butter up with a can of patience, ‘cause Windows 7 is just around the corner!

Some of the (hilarious) comments on the pressrelease:


“Google declares total war on Microsoft | Text Technologies” LOL2! [red anm.]

Here are some thoughts that add some nuance to this: Google Chrome OS – Bad Move for Google, Here’s Why