This is a list of podcasts I listen to, like/love and/or recommend

1. DotNETRocks!

2. Security Now!

3. Windows Weekly

4. Runas Radio

And there are many more that I’d like to listen to, but there just isn’t enough time!

When do I listen to podcasts?
Well, I’ve found that listening using earplugs while driving work quite well. Since it’s spoken word, I can hear everything going on in traffic and so I feel quite safe. Since I listen using my iphone, the podcast is paused when someone calls, and I’m already wearing the earplugs so I go straight to the call.
Chopping firewood, frying pancakes, mowing the lawn, shopping groceries or running are also excellent podcast-listening opportunities.

When do I NOT listen to podcasts?
I’ve tried combine working or reading with listening podcasts but that doesn’t work. Music is fine while coding or writing, podcasts are not. Imagine that. 🙂


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