My very first “meetup”

NordlandI finally got around to starting something I’ve been wanting to do for many years – a user group for IT people in the area where I live. So after working with the local itSMF chapter for about a year and a half, I was inspired to branch off a more “technical” UG for my fellow geeks. Then, I saw that another UG I’m part of (NNUG Trondheim) moved over to I finally got the spike that I needed to move along. The sign-up process was painless (except for the part where I had to pay  for the service Smilefjes ) and then I was all set up! It seems very easy to set up meetings and it’s abundantly functional for my use, so I quite like it.

Now, I’ve been inviting people I know to the group and we’re set to have the first meeting on Oct 9th. I’m hoping to fill the space we’ve got (about 20 seats) but frankly I’ll settle for not having to talk to myself for two hours.. Smilefjes som blunker

We’re also looking for sponsors of the group, to provide us with some food for our meetings, maybe some prizes for competitions or even the use of meeting-space and facilities, so if you want to get your logo on display in our Sponsor section, let me know!

You’ll find the group IT Helgeland here


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