Out caching It seems lately, wherever we go, geocaching comes up as a topic. We’re hooked, and feel the urge to run out up a mountain side at a moments notice just on the hopes that we might be the first to find that particular cache. It’s a very healthy addiction though – we get a lot of exercise and we get to see a lot of neat places we wouldn’t have found on our own as tourists! We’re proficient at reading maps and using gps navigation and it’s just great fun! When we don’t have the time to go out ourselves, we get updates on other’s caching-adventures. Once in while cachers host events and get together and that’s great!

So if you have a sense of adventure and like the outdoors, click the picture and read more about geocaching.

To put it short – geocaching is the best thing since sliced bread, isn’t that how that saying goes.. 😉


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