As we speak, I’m one of the many people eagerly awaiting the arrival of my pre-ordered reMarkable “paper tablet”.. I’ve read all the reviews and I’ve been following the development of this device for quite some time now. It promises to deliver a paper-like experience in a tablet, and should replace all my “notebooks, sketchbooks and printouts”…

Here is a photo from the reMarkable website:


I’ll be sharing my experiences with it here on the blog, so come back for more..


Facebook Graph API course

I just finished Udacity’s FREE course on developing with the Facebook Graph API and AccountKit!

This course takes you through logging in to an app using just your phone number and SMS, or by email. Then, it takes you through using your Facebook identity for logging in.

Using test accounts, you can learn and test all you want without messing up your own feed or bothering your friends.

By querying the Graph API (assuming you give the app permission to do so, of course!) you can request all types of information from the API. Again, using test users and the Graph API Explorer, you can learn all you need to learn “behind the scenes” for integration into your app or website.

With a sample app accompanying the course, you can follow along and code the same functionality for yourself, or even integrate it in your own app as you learn. The source code is available on GitHub here

All in all a well designed course on a very interesting topic. Thank you Udacity!

Find the course here!

Infrequent updates…

This blog is where I have gathered some of the article I’ve written over the last few years. Some are antiquated, some are in Norwegian, some are just outright wrong. But I should stand by what I’ve done in the past, so I’ll leave it here. As a warning. 🙂

Now, a lot has happened since the last time I wrote anything in my blog. Yes, it’s been five years! Wow… Looking back; the meetup-group I was so proud of has served it’s purpose, and it’s been shut down due to lack of interest. It was fun, while it lasted, but all good things must come to an end, I guess.

I am still employed by the same employer, but I’ve assumed a new role as mobile developer, following a crazy spark I had after learning some Android programming in school (more about that later) and deciding this is SO awesome I want to do it full time!

So here I am, a lone ranger, working on a prototype for an app which will hopefully make a meaningful difference for our customers, one day. It’s technically quite complex, and I feel like I’ve barely touched the surface of this complexity yet, but I am loving every minute of it, so I feel it was the right move to make..

I have a startup in my stomach. And in my head. And some in writing. I’ve been maturing the idea for some time now together with my soon-to-be wife Eline, and we’ve decided to incorporate and start baking up services for local (and remote) small businesses, using all our newly earned knowledge from school (yes, more later). Also we have a great idea for a more consumer-focused app/service, which we should be able to start work on as soon as we’re done in school..

So, school! By school I mean that I went back to school to (finally) get a degree in this thing I’ve been working with for years. So, in 2015 I embarked on a journey to get a Bachelor’s degree in Information Systems at Nord University! This is where I also met my soon-to-be wife, and I might just tell that story another time.. But, here we are, just about started on the third year, and it’s been a blast! The first two semesters I was surfing along on my IT experience, but then something happened. The subjects were suddenly unknown to me, the demands and complexities hardened, and I was feeling like I was really learning something new! When the subject “App-programming in Android” came up, I loved every minute of it! And while I’ve been programming for many many years, this was the first truly (by my standards) complex use of object-oriented programming I had seen. Suddenly, I was grasping the concepts at a whole new level! “Algorithms and data structures using Java” was another eye-opener for me, and I’ve fallen in love with the Java programming language.

Anyways, wanted to just write something here, so I did. And I’ll try to find more time to do so again in the near future… Or not.. 🙂

My very first “meetup”

NordlandI finally got around to starting something I’ve been wanting to do for many years – a user group for IT people in the area where I live. So after working with the local itSMF chapter for about a year and a half, I was inspired to branch off a more “technical” UG for my fellow geeks. Then, I saw that another UG I’m part of (NNUG Trondheim) moved over to I finally got the spike that I needed to move along. The sign-up process was painless (except for the part where I had to pay  for the service Smilefjes ) and then I was all set up! It seems very easy to set up meetings and it’s abundantly functional for my use, so I quite like it.

Now, I’ve been inviting people I know to the group and we’re set to have the first meeting on Oct 9th. I’m hoping to fill the space we’ve got (about 20 seats) but frankly I’ll settle for not having to talk to myself for two hours.. Smilefjes som blunker

We’re also looking for sponsors of the group, to provide us with some food for our meetings, maybe some prizes for competitions or even the use of meeting-space and facilities, so if you want to get your logo on display in our Sponsor section, let me know!

You’ll find the group IT Helgeland here


Yaaawn… What year is this? 2012.. jeez, must’ve broken the record for blog-rot many times over… Well who cares, it’s my blog and if I feel like letting it rot, I will! I’m gonna kill a few stupid articles from here and leave this one and then I’ll see if I can get on it and update more frequently. At least there is something new to talk about, I’m getting a new job and a whole new job-description! *Which means I must’ve acquired a whole new skillset* – that may or may not be true, but only time will tell.. 🙂
So I’m gonna make some changes here and rebirth the blog. Watch out for that..